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NKUTÔ range of products at the Milk Pail Fresh Market, Water Mill, NY.

NKUTÔ range of products at the Milk Pail Fresh Market, Water Mill, NY.

We have exciting news! The past week and a half has been a major one for NKUTÔ. Our line of products can now be purchased at the Milk Pail Fresh Market in Water Mill, NY. The NKUTÔ range of products are made from shea butter purchased from Global Mamas, a Fair Trade organization, which supports bulk shea butter production of women in Northern Ghana. Along with Cocoa Butter, our products are a blend of food grade oils and essential oils to bring you healthy choices in skin and haircare products.

The NKUTÔ range will make a perfect addition to your gift baskets this holiday season and any occasion. Find your way to the Milk Pail Fresh Market if you are in the neighborhood. You can also order online through our online shop. Treat yourself and your loved ones this winter season with products that will take care of you.

The Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the main ingredients of NKUTÔ's Shea Cocolive. It has exceptional healing qualities. It is high in anti oxidants, such as Vitamins A and E and great for sensitive skin. Use extra virgin olive oil on it's own on minor burns, scars and on nails that split easily due to dryness and damage. Leave some moisture on your skin after showering and lightly apply some extra virgin olive oil to help seal in the moisture.

For daily hair and skin care, enjoy the combined healing and nourishing effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in NKUTÔ's SHEA COCOLIVE. The delicious chocolate aroma of this buttery mix will soothe your senses. Pamper yourself this Christmas season. 




From November 1st through to November 30th, all NKUTÔ products will be on sale. All prices will be discounted at 15%. Free samples will be available to order. Regular shipping rates apply. Look out for the NKUTÔ THANKSGIVING SALE THIS NOVEMBER. Don't miss out!